Real Estate

We continue to do what we have always done, buy and build Irreplaceable real estate in Texas.


Since the start of our journey 30 years ago, we have sought to buy the highest quality real estate – that which we felt was truly “Irreplaceable”. From the creation of AmREIT’s predecessor companies, to partnerships with Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, to AmREIT’s listing on the New York Stock Exchange, to the ultimate sale of roughly $1B of real assets, our history and performance speak for itself. From NYSE listing to subsequent sale, our shareholders earned in excess of 30% returns per annum.

We utilize an approach steeped in ground level research, local relationships, and patient stewardship. The Five D’s provide a rigorous “hard-side” investment framework that allows us to define the highest quality assets:

  1. Demographic purchasing power
  2. Density of population
  3. Demand for retail space
  4. Desirability of physical layout
  5. Demarcation advantage

At the time of purchase, we have an executable vision and phased plan to create value upon that piece of property. We implement a number of strategies phased in succession that involve improving tenant mix, re-development, and densification. At the end of year 7, we typically see a significant uptick in NOI and a piece of real estate that has become even more Irreplaceable to the community.

Urban Real Estate Investment Framework


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